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What Have Immigrants Ever Given Us?

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The Right to Bare Arms

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Welcome to the Right to Bare Arms!

This website was created by Pink Dog Productions Inc. (Please note: the unusual name of this project will be explained by one of the videos on this website.)

Pink Dog Productions is the 'go-to' video production company for make-a-difference videos used for fund-raising, creating awareness and educating people about not-for-profit charities, arts organizations and special community projects sponsored by federal and provincial government departments. Pink Dog creates ground-breaking videos and video projects that help change the way people think about immigrants, mental health, the elderly, youth at risk, women in conflict with the law etc.

About the Project

The Right To Bare Arms, funded through an Immigrant Settlement and Adaptation Program Grant from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, is a video project that is both entertaining and eye-opening. Through this project, video tools have been developed that encourage understanding and cultural diversity in Canada. The videos are intended to be used for training and education with the purpose of helping new Canadians feel more comfortable and welcome in their new country.

The videos on this website use humour to convey important diversity messages in a convincing, compelling and memorable way.

The Videos

Four world-class directors — all of them new Canadians – have directed these videos. These directors are from Russia, Iran, Ghana and England.

The videos on this site have been developed in collaboration with new Canadians who are currently in the process of settling into their new country. Pink Dog Productions was able to bring together these new immigrants as well as the immigrant film directors with leaders from groups that work with new Canadians. Through this collaborative process, messages were created that ring true to the immigrant experience in Canada.

All five videos have been researched through Angus Reid Strategies to ensure their effectiveness. Each video celebrates 'differences' and recognized the many similarities among people born in Canada and new Canadians.

We hope that you will find these video tools and this website helpful for training and awareness about the immigrant experience in Canada. The Pink Dog Productions team enjoyed working with such an inspiring group of newcomers!

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Citizenship and Immigration Canada for their generous funding support, and to our participants, both new Canadians and those born-in-Canda who helped with this video project. (Some are featured in the videos while others worked behind the scenes.)