How to Make Great Video for the Net

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Welcome to the Pink Dog Blog!  Because we are all about “making a difference”, we thought it would be good to share our knowledge about making great videos for online sites so that’s what this blog series is going to be about – mostly.

Of course we may digress.  But first maybe you need to know who “we” are.

Who is Pink Dog?

Pink Dog Productions is a make-a-difference video production company.  Our videos cover social issues as diverse as why Canada needs immigrants to how to avoid type-two diabetes. Our sister company is and we’ve learned a ton about online videos working with our super-geek partners.  Roberta Hancock comes from the high-rolling world of ad agencies where she handled accounts with the likes of Coke and Air Canada before she joined CBC.  She has won awards for much of her work including a Clio.  Dawn Harwood-Jones comes from a theatre and music background but worked twenty years at CBC as a producer and has also won several international awards. Including two from the New York Film and Television Festival.  Our third and newest partner is Sarah Wakely.  She also comes from a theatre background and stage-managed big productions in Toronto and out west.  Also contributing to this blog is Ashlee Starratt. Ashlee’s a journalist and graduate from King’s in Halifax.  But enough about us – you can read about us on our website.

How to make great videos for the web….

These days, anyone can shoot a video, but what makes a great video?  – pacing, framing, good writing, good lighting, good sound.  Those are the basics.


Let’s start with lighting. I assume you know not to shoot a subject in front of a window.  But did you know that an $18 hardware store work light can do wonders?  If you find it harsh, simply put some sheer white material in front of it and now you have a $1,000 chimera.  A chimera is a light camera people use to make people look gorgeous.  It is a light with a box of some sort around it and a semi opaque white diffuser over it.  This softens the light and makes any face less wrinkly, harsh etc.  That’s the tip for today.  I would love to get feedback on the kind of thing you would like to read about.

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