About Pink Dog Productions

Who is Pink Dog?

'Pink Dog' is short for Pink Dog Productions Inc. We are a Halifax-based video production company specializing in 'make a difference' videos for not-for-profit and arts organizations in Halifax and beyond, as well as federal and provincial government departments and the corporate business community of Halifax.

Our high quality, cutting edge videos promote fund-raising, awareness, education and are used as a powerful tool for conventions, presentations, staff meetings and public displays.

Co-owners Roberta Hancock and Dawn Harwood-Jones are international award winners in the broadcasting and video production field. Prior to opening Pink Dog Productions, they worked for 15 and 21 years respectively at CBC Halifax.

Why the name 'Pink Dog'?

As a Halifax video production company, we produce the kind of videos that make your organization or company stand out and be noticed. We applied the same principle to ourselves when looking for a name for our company. We chose the name Pink Dog Productions because we wanted a name for our video production company that people wouldn't forget (Who could forget a pink dog?).

We also felt, that in some subtle way, people would understand that with a name like Pink Dog Productions, we are a video production company that is trying to do good things in the Halifax community.

What makes Pink Dog different?

We try to put into practice in our video production company what so many of our videos teach: diversity, tolerance, understanding, knowledge/learning and empowerment. Not only do we produce videos that make a difference — we try to make a difference ourselves. We do this by consciously creating a place-of-work that is a dynamic training ground for people interested in learning more about video production and journalism (e.g. internships for post secondary students). We also provide training opportunities that help people break down barriers to employment (age, language, culture, conflict with the law etc.) working with Halifax community groups such as LOVE (Leave Out Violence Program) to provide work placements. One of our video production company's most valued employees was hired as the result of a LOVE placement.

Pink Dog teaches new pups old tricks

The University of King's College and the Nova Scotia Community College recognize Pink Dog Productions as a business they can count on for internship placements in Halifax. We have helped train interns from the University of King's College Journalism program in Halifax and from the Nova Scotia Community College broadcast and film programs. Several of these interns were hired fulltime by us after they completed their education. We actively promote learning and training and are fortunate to have a number of CBC retirees (journalists, directors and shooters) who are more than happy to mentor young people.

"Pink Dog Productions gave our project their professional expertise, dignity and captured the passion that we at the Elizabeth Fry Society feel about the work we do!"

Donna Phillips, Executive Director of the Elizabeth Fry Society of Mainland Nova Scotia

"A sincere thank you to Pink Dog for your time, your wonderful energy and for capturing the real spirit of Bridgeway Academy. Everyone was talking about the DVD and Pink Dog Productions!"

Bridgeway Academy

"The Immigration project was one of the best partnerships in terms of student learning we could ask for. The passion at Pink Dog Productions for student learning is stunning."

David Zinck, Fine Arts Department Head, Dartmouth High School